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This is the first in a series of articles highlighting what CSPRA members do and how public records play a vital role in the services they provide to individuals, businesses and government.

Who Is CoreLogic and What Do They Do?

CoreLogic’s 5,000+ team members share a singular focus: to help millions of people find, buy and protect the homes they love. CoreLogic is a leading provider of high-quality data, analytics and technology. They enable real estate professionals, financial institutions, insurance carriers, government agencies and other housing market participants to help people make their dream of home ownership a reality by providing valuable data and technology.

To do this, CoreLogic collects 99.75% of its data directly from public and private sources (see graphic below). They state:

“Property data is our DNA because we provide access to the nation’s largest property and ownership database. CoreLogic then curates, connects and uniquely enriches it with insightful intelligence from our extensive network of field researchers, analysts and data scientists. They deliver qualified, comprehensive information to participants across the global housing economy through our integrated digital solutions.”

How Does CoreLogic Help the Property Ecosystem?

CoreLogic provides services to help people and companies find, buy, protect, lend, borrow, manage risks and understand the property market. This market intelligence not only supports market fairness and efficiency, but also helps the entire property, construction and building supply industries plan and respond to market trends and needs. It also helps government understand how trends, risks and changes in property assets will affect property taxes or lending guarantees. Urban and regional planners also benefit from knowing trends and market data to manage community growth and aging housing stock.

Providing Insights and Managing Risks

CoreLogic information provides insights and manages risks. For example, CoreLogic issues an annual Hurricane Report which analyzes hurricane and storm surge and wind risk exposure for single-family residences (SFRs) and multifamily residences (MFRs) along the U.S. Gulf and Atlantic Coasts. A recent report showed that nearly 33 million U.S. properties are at risk of hurricane-force wind and 7.8 million for storm surge damage. New York and Miami have most homes at risk of storm surge damage with the highest total reconstruction cost value. Their risk modeling data shows that those nearly 7.8 million homes at risk of hurricane-related damages have more than $2.3 trillion in combined reconstruction cost value (RCV). The report also revealed the nearly 33 million homes with nearly $10.5 trillion in combined RCV are at risk of hurricane-force wind damages. This kind of data helps residents, insurers and governments in the affected areas understand and manage risks better.
Another example is CoreLogic’s Home Price Index (HPI). These monthly reports help track and provide insights on the US housing market. Homes represent many Americans’ most valuable asset.

The Role of Public Records in the Property Ecosystem

It is often said that we live in an information economy. The property ecosystem is highly dependent on accurate and well managed data. Public and private data is used in combination to equalize access to business opportunities, understand markets and property values, provide convenient and personalized customer service, increase markets and market efficiency, manage and reduce risk and contribute substantially to economic growth. CoreLogic is an example of this synergy between public records and private data systems that leads to widespread benefits for society. For families and individuals across the globe, home ownership represents a life-long goal. It is a potent symbol of progress, prosperity and a pathway to a better life. Home ownership is also a powerful engine for national economies as residential property continues to represent a significant and critically important asset class in most developed countries. Through its enhanced property data solutions, services and technologies, CoreLogic enables real estate professionals, financial institutions, insurance carriers, government agencies and other housing market participants to successfully navigate the housing ecosystem.

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