“Bill To Crack Down On Car Warranty Scams In Texas Is A Blow To Transparency, Critics Say” – Houston Public Media

A bill in the Texas legislature aimed at protecting drivers’ privacy has public records experts worried it would instead limit legitimate access to public information. Supporters of Senate Bill 15 say it’s necessary to crack down on robocallers running car warranty scams. But John Collins, a Dallas-based attorney for PublicData.com, said the bill would hurt businesses, […]

CCPA-Like Legislation News Spring 2021

Here are a few articles connected to the California Consumer Privacy Act – Like legislation that has been happening in Spring of 2021. Article 1: Status of Proposed CCPA-like State Privacy Legislation JD Supra April 12 2021 This spring 2021 legislative session has been extremely busy for the consumer privacy act. To date, state lawmakers […]

Rep. DelBene introduces federal privacy bill in latest effort to avoid ‘patchwork’ of state laws

Todd Bishop March 10 2021 Geek Wire U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene, D-Wa, introduced new federal privacy legislation, warning that efforts by states to enact their own privacy laws threaten to deepen the country’s privacy predicament. Among other provisions, the bill would require companies to let consumers know when their personal information is shared, and with […]

A Case Against the Peeping Tom Theory of Privacy

Gilad Edelman – February 15 2021 Wired Magazine In an Apple commercial that was on heavy rotation last fall, people go around telling strangers intimate information about themselves. “I browsed eight sites for divorce attorneys today,” a guy shouts to a bus full of passengers. A beautiful woman informs a passerby, “My home is in […]

Sunshine Week: Corporate welfare agencies need greater transparency, accountability

By Michael Lafaive and Steve Delie, Opinion Contributors — 03/13/21 THE HILL Sunshine Week, which started March 14, is set aside each year to promote the value of open government. It is sponsored by the News Leaders Association and is of particular concern to the media, though not limited to that industry’s interests. All people benefit […]

Senators push for more transparency in government worker personnel records

Andrew Dunn March 30 2021 Carolina Journal A growing number of senators are signing on to a bill that would make more information available to the public on government employee performance.  Under Senate Bill 355, a description of the reasons for personnel actions like suspensions, promotions, demotions, transfers, and separations would become public records. Media […]

Texas Legislature considering bill to make it harder to get public information about government employees

Anna Canizales – Texas Tribune – April 20 2021 Lawmakers are considering a bill that would restrict state agencies from sharing salary data and other typically public information about government employees with the public in a bill that experts say is overly broad. Senate Bill 16, filed by state Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, would require […]

2021 States of Denial Report

National Freedom Information Coalition March 15, 2021 The National Freedom of Information Coalition (NFOIC) released the “States of Denial” report. The report highlights the greatest threats to government transparency and access to public records. According to the survey of 39 state and local open government coalitions here are the 8 most common threats to government […]